Charlesworth War Memorial

Unveiled by Mr Crossland Smith on Saturday 31st March 1923 the Charlesworth War Memorial reminds all who pass it of the brave souls of Charlesworth gave their lives in service to their country.

The memorial cost around £2,000 at the time which would have been close to £100,000 today. The architect responsible for the work was Mr. Cocker of Altrincham, with the memorial being executed by Mr. Sykes of Glossop.

Prior to the official unveiling a well attended service was held in St. John’s Church, led by the Rev. J. A. Martin, after which a procession led by the Charlesworth and Chisworth band led people to the Memorial.

The Memorial was draped with the Union Jack and before removing the flag to unveil the Memorial, Mr Crossland Smith spoke of how each and every household in the Parish had contributed in some way to what would be “their” memorial.

It had previously been though that Major S. Hill Wood had unveiled the cenotaph earlier in 1920 but we now know from our research that this is not true.

Back when Major S. Hill Wood was known as Captain S. Hill Wood, and a Member of Parliament, he had led the recruitment of men from the Glossop area.

SHILLWOOD RecruitingRecruting

NOTE: You may notice that some of the names appear on more than one of the War Memorials. This is not an error and simply reflects the way in which these War Memorials were created, by local communities wanting to remember their lost loved ones.

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1st World War

Herbert Barnes

Private 32001, 11th Border Regiment

Born: 1888 in Mellor

Home Address: 111 Stoneclough Road, Stoneclough, Manchester

Marital Status: Married to Anne.


Died:Sunday 2nd December 1917, Age 30

Remebered; Tynecot Memorial, Passchendale

Albert Bennett

Private 48666, 13th Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment

Born: 1884 in Broadbottom

Home Address: 52 Long Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Labourer in Cloth

Died: Thursday 3rd May 1917

Remembered; Arras Memorial

Thomas Birtles

Private 70603, 2nd Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Born: 1896 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 90 and 92 Marple Road, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single. Brother Wilfred.

Occupation: Machine Tenter Bant

Died: Thursday 22nd March 1917, Age 21

Remembered; Special Memorial, Dernancourt

The excellent Charlesworth and Chisworth cricket team, containing many surnames that can be seen on the War Memorials

Wilfred Birtles

Private 22793, 9th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers

Born: 1894 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 90 and 92 Marple Road, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single. Brother Thomas. Son of Mr and Mrs Samuel Birtles.

Occupation: Cardroom Tenter

Died: Friday 7th July 1916, Age 22

Remembered: Thiepval Memorial

Samuel Radcliffe Booth

Gunner 221166, 11th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery

Born: 1892 in Glossop

Home Address: 41 Thorpe Street, Glossop

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Farm Labourer

Died: Monday 22nd October 1917, Age 25

Remembered; Boulogne Eastern Cemetery

The orders given to the 3rd Canadian Divisional Artillery for the battle of Passchendaele in which Samuel Radcliffe Booth and so many others last their lives.

Ernest Bramhall

Private 66005, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)

Born: 1891 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 10 Coombes Lane

Marital Status: Wife Matilda and a young son.

Occupation: General Labourer

Died: Friday 30th November 1917, Age 26

Remembered; Cambrai Memorial, Louverval

Stanley Brierley

Private 235301, 8th Battalion, Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment

Born: 1896 in Padfield

Home Address: 1 Hole House, Chisworth

Marital Status: Son of Mr and Mrs Joseph and Betty Brierley

Occupation: Machine Tenter

Died: Monday 17th September 1917, Age 21

Remembered; Tyne Cot Memorial

Raymond Clarkson

Private 95200, 1st/3rd Battalion, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

Born: 1899 in Charlesworth, Derbyshire

Home Address: 45 Town Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: School

Died: Thursday 8th August 1918, Age 19

Remembered with Full Honours; Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Grave E-J09

Frank Cooper

Private 242853, 1/5 Prince of Wales Volunteers, South Lancashire Regiment

Born:1886 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 33 Town Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Waste Bleacher

Died: Sunday 28th April 1918, Age 32

Remembered; Conde-sur-L’escaut Communal Cemetery

David Cuthbert

Captain, 29th Battalion attached 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers

Born: 13 December 1885 in Glossop

Home Address: 6 Spire Hollin, Glossop

Marital Status: Married. Wife Harriett Shepley (born 11 June 1887) of Gamesley House. Cousin Curtis Cuthbert Garside. Son of Mr and Mrs John (born 29 June 1862) and Hannah  (born 15 September 1859) Cuthbert nee Rowbottam.

Occupation: Surveyor

Died: Saturday 7th October 1916, Age 30

Remembered; Thiepval Memorial

Curtis Cuthbert Garside

Private 8/10861, 8th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

Born: 1896 in Glossop

Home Address: George and Dragon Hotel, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single. Cousin David Cuthbert., Son of Mr John Garside and Mrs Jessie Garside (nee Cuthbert).

Occupation: Bleacher. Father ran George and Dragon Hotel.

Died: Tuesday 12th June 1917

Remembered; Baghdad North Gate War Cemetery


Arthur Goodwin

Private 52883, 13th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

Born: 1895 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 83 Glossop Road, Gamesley

Marital Status: Single. Son of John Henry and Mary Ann, 85 Glossop Road, Gamesley

Occupation: Fitter Piercer

Died: Friday 10th August 1917, Age 23

Remembered; Menin Gate Memorial


Frank Neal Higginbottom

Private 46349, 16th Entrenching Battalion, Koyli. Formerly 6th Battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (disbanded in February 1918 after 3 years in France around Ypres and Somme). Saw service in the final advance alongside Clifford Platt’s 15th Battalion.

Born: Sunday 5th November 1899

Home Address: 6 Marple Road, Charlesworth

Marital Status:Son of Mr and Mrs Frank Higginbottom. Brother of Corporal Harry Higgibottom.


Died: Sunday 31st March 1918, Age 19

Remembered; Chaunay Commonwealth Cemetery Extension

Ernest Jackson

Private 4482, 1/6 Cheshire Attached 5th Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Born: 1896 in Chew Magna, Chisworth

Home Address: 41 Cottage Lane, Gamesley

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Weavers Tenter

Died: Tuesday 15th August 1916, Age 20

Remembered; Pier and Face 3C and 4A, Thiepval Memorial

John Kerr Jamieson


Private 3946 (or 52588), 11th Battalion, 15th Battalion and Infantry Base Depot, Cheshire Regiment

Born: 1898 in Thomliebank, Renfrewshire

Home Address: In 1901 at 2 Kennishead Road, Eastwood, Renfrewshire.

In 1911 at 3 Cottage Lane, Gamseley

When joining the colours at 99 Glossop Road, Gamesley

At time of death 10 McDougall Street, Pollockshaws, Glasgow

Marital Status: Single. Grandson of George and Elizabeth, Nephew of William Daniel, Ann Susan, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Georgina and Daniel Jones. Brother of Maggie Platt.

Occupation: Electrical Engineer Apprentice (Army Pension)

Died: Monday 10th March 1919, Age 21


George Moorby

Private 70627, 2nd Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Born: 1894 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire

Home Address: 78 Smawthorne Grove, Castleford

Marital Status: Single, Son of Mr and Mrs Henry Moorby.

Occupation: Driver of Horse Ponies

Died: Sunday 29th April 1917, Age 23

Remembered; Bethune Town Cemetery

Stephen Paul Newby

Driver T4/055911, Army Service Corps

Born: 1897 in Manchester

Home Address: 5 Bankbottom, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Solicitor’s Office boy

Died: Sunday 3rd November 1918, Age 21

Remembered; Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery


William Patchett

Private 17292, 9th Coy Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)

Born: 1891 in Hollingworth

Home Address: 93 Gamesley

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Labourer

Died: Wednesday 16th August 1916, Age 25 (Click here to read about the exploits of William Patterson, another Private in the 9th Machine Gun Corps who died just a day after William Patchett)

Remembered; Serre Road Number 2 Cemetery

Clifford Platt

Private 64351, 15th Battalion, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. The 15th Battalion (formed as 10th Garrison Guard Battalion, becoming the 15th Garrison Guard Battalion before becoming the 15th Battalion) saw service in the final advance alongside Frank Neal Higginbottom’s 16th Entrenching Battalion.

Born: 1897 in Charlesworth

Home Address: Woodseats Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Bleacher

Died: Monday 7th October 1918

Remembered; Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension


Samuel Robinson

Private 37668, Royal Army Medical Corps

Born: 1887 in Chisworth

Home Address: 8 Town Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Married. Wife Bessie.

Occupation: Bleacher

Died: Friday 10th January 1919, Age 22

Grave Reference 397

Percy Swallow

Private 204353, 2/8 Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Born: 1897 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 36 Town Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single, Son of Mr and Mrs JE Swallow

Occupation: Calico Weaver

Died: Wednesday 31st October 1917, Age 20

Remembered; Sucrerie Cemetery, Ablain-Saint Nazaire


James Tattersall

Private, Cheshire Regiment

Born:Friday, 27th November 1896, Hayfield

Home Address:174, Lane End, Charlesworth

Marital Status:?


Died: Tuesday, 9th November 1915, France


John Thornley

Private 267940, 1st and 7th Battalion, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters)

Born: 1887 in Gamesley

Home Address: 2 Chapel View, Gamesley

Marital Status: Married. Wife Sarah E of 43 Town Lane, Charlesworth. Son of James and Hannah. Brother of Andrew and Joseph Henry.

Occupation: Coachman and Groom

Died: Monday 18th June 1917, Age 31

Remembered with Honour; Fosse Number 10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains-en-Gohelle, War Memorial E-J14

Peter Walkden

Private 245334, 10th Battalion , Durham Light Infantry

Born: 1876 in Stretford Wear, Manchester

Home Address: 25 Brick Houses, Chisworth

Marital Status: Married. Wife Phoebe and 3 children.

Occupation: Warehouse Man

Died: Thursday 27th September 1917, Age 41

Remembered; Messines Ridge Cemetery

The children of Charlesworth on the eve of war. Many of their fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins would soon be gone.

Thomas Fletcher Walker

Private 51906, 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment

Born: 1900 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 1 Back Lane, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: School

Died: Sunday 25th August 1918, Age 18

Remembered with Honour; Adanac Military Cemetery, Mirau Mont, Grave D-J03

William Webster

Private, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Born: ?

Home Address: ?

Marital Status: ?

Occupation: Office worker



Arthur Winterbottom

Air Force

Born: 1890 in Glossop

Home Address: 81 Cottage Lane, Dinting

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Mechanic

Died: Thursday 13th February 1919

Buried; Glossop Cemetery

Charles Holmes Wood

Private 86315, Machine Gun Corps

Born: 1890 in Gamesley

Home Address: 54 Cottage Lane, Gamesley

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Warehouse Clerk

Died: Saturday 9th June 1917, Age 27

Remembered; Estaires Communal Cemetery and Extension


Frederick Wright

Private 41161, 11th Battalion, Manchester Regiment

Born: 1879 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 13 Glossop Road, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Married. Wife Hannah of 16 Town Lane, Charlesworth

Occupation: Back Tenter

Died: Sunday 7th October 1917, Age 39

Dozinheim Military Cemetery

George Harold Wright

Private 28675, 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment

Born: 1887 in Charlesworth

Home Address: 48 Marple Road, Charlesworth

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Book Repairer

Died: Tuesday 9th January 1917, Age 30

Remembered; Basra Memorial

2nd World War

Samuel Higginbottom

Private 4198643, Parachute Regiment, AAC, 6th (10th Battalion, RWF) BN.

Born: 1917

Home Address:?

Marital Status:?


Died: Friday 10th September 1943, Age 26

Remembered; Bari Cemetery


William Charles Porter

Rear Gunner, Sergeant 2211553, RAF Volunteer Reserve, 12 Squadron,

Born: 1908 in Manchester.

Home Address: Marple Road, Charlesworth

Marital Status:Married to Mrs Porter. Father of Robert, Ena, Macolm and Roy Porter.

Occupation: Dyers Chemist and Holehouse Mill Charlesworth.

Died: Saturday 29th July 1944, Age 36 Shot down over Strasbourg.

Remembered, Runnymede Memorial

John Nevil Tew

Flight Sergeant 981697, RAF Volunteer Reserve, 119 Squadron

Born: 1921

Home Address:?

Marital Status:?


Died: Tuesday 14th July 1942, Age 21. Died when Catalina AH 545 -209/210 Squadron failed to return to Lough Erne from an Atlantic Patrol.

John Nevil Tew had previously been one of only two survivors of a crew of eleven when Catalina AH530 crashed 3 minutes after taking off at 4:45 am on 14th December 1941 from Pembroke Dock for a patrol of the Bay of Biscay. Of the nine dead three were recovered but six were never found.

Remembered, Runnymede Memorial

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